datarecoverUpper Valley Computer has an excellent track record for data recovery. We have recovered data from most types of computers.

The information stored on your hard drive is more than just ones and zeros. It is everything you’ve ever done on your computer from your research paper, to your resume, to pictures of your children growing up. Hard drives die every day and if you aren’t prepared for the inevitable death of a hard drive you may find yourself lost in a world without all of what you held dear to you. A proper backup plan for your computer is crucial and Upper Valley Computer can help.

Data Recovery Services

It’s one of the worst feelings you can have. You’ve been storing files, pictures, videos, and more importantly memories, and all of a sudden your hard drive dies and everything is gone forever… OR IS IT!? Have no fear, Upper Valley Computer is here! Upper Valley Computer specializes in data recovery when all seems lost. In many cases Upper Valley Computer can use advanced software and equipment to pull those memories off the damaged drive and hand you back all that seemed lost.

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